7 Breath package

These 7 guided, 7 minute breathing class techniques are a complete holistic wellness package that will teach you how to cope with all these issues and so many more.


These classes teach the technique to remove all out of control reactive fight and flight responses…releasing anxiety and stressful emotional and physical feelings and allowing you to be calm, centred and emotionally in control in any situation.


When you use these breaths you life will become more peaceful and your bodywill relax very deeply, stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) to promote healing and healthy new cell growth. Your holistic long term health improves massively, both physically and emotionally.


The breaths will resolve problems for you that most people face at one time or another:


● A racing mind that prevents you from getting into a quiet meditation zone
● Nervous, stressful tension that prevents you from being calm and clear
headed in challenging situations
● Waking up in the middle of the night, feeling frustrated that you can’t get
back to sleep
● Pain from injury or illness that keeps you anxious and unable to relax
● Low energy from stressful days that leave you exhausted and emotionally
● A racing mind that prevents you from enjoying your walk, whether you
walk for pleasure or exercise
● Public, stressful situations that give rise to anxiety and panic attacks
● Inability to relax