Superfast 477 Breath Class

Are you feeling sluggish &cant stay awake at work ?

Do you feel under pressure& your struggling to stay calm ?

Is your mind racing when you go walking for exercise or pleasure?

Are you in a public place & you can feel your anxiety rising ?

You can do this clever super fast  breathing technique IN PUBLIC  & NO ONE WILL KNOW.  It will allow you to be very clear headed & relax your body effortlessly within minutes.  It will remove all feelings of tension & anxiety – it includes a counting visualisation ensuring your mind feels peaceful & your body relaxes.  This is a great technique if you like walking & can enhance the good endorphins.

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Super Fast Relaxation 477 Breath Class

To calm yourself in stressful situations, and to enhance the pleasurable effects of walking.


● Helps you get your thoughts and emotions under control
● Releases stress in the body
● Enhances the effects of endorphins released during exercise