WHAT ARE Body Mind Breathing 7 MINUTE CLASSES all about ?

Welcome to Body Mind Breathing, a revolutionary SUPER FAST NEW WAY for everyone to improve their well being.

The 7 benefits of the 7 minute classes

1. The relaxation techniques are EASY & VERY QUICK to learn and beneficial for everyone.
2. Classes are only 7 minutes and you can do them anywhere, anytime.
3. It’s a new way to physically relax your body, & calm your mind to increase happiness.
4. Many of the breaths can be done in public – when YOU need them most!
5. These NEW techniques gives you the tools to cope with everyday stresses.
6. The breaths classes really work, they do what they say, and you will feel instant relief!
7. You will feel in control of your body and mind.


Every day, we take over 17,000 breaths. For the most part, the way we breathe as adults is habitual and dependent on lifestyle, emotional state, physical fitness and overall health.


Some people are primarily chest breathers (rapid and shallow) and some are diaphragm breathers (slower and deeper). Of course our breathing changes in response to various situations, but in general, you breathe a certain way.

So the question is, are you breathing effectively and efficiently? Meaning, is your breath being used optimally for your benefit, physically, mentally and emotionally? It’s estimated that most people only use about 20% of their lung capacity.

That means, that they are denying themselves an extremely powerful health and wellness tool.

Proper use of the breathe can ease pain, energize your body, give you more clarity and focus, uplift your mood, create altered states of being (deep meditation), calm racing thoughts, and give the body a chance to activate its miraculous healing properties.

Body Mind Breathing is a revolutionary new holistic approach to physical, mental and emotional well being. It uses the mind/body connection in a way that anyone can apply everyday, in the privacy of the home, or on the go. less

WHY the 7 Minute Classes WILL WORK FOR YOU!

Can something as simple as breathing really improve your health and wellbeing? The short answer is, yes.

Think of how powerful your breath really is. The old Zen saying goes, “Breathe, and you can start a fire; breathe, and you can put it out.”


However, we certainly do not always breathe in a way that is beneficial. When we’re stressed, our breathing becomes shallow and rapid. This actually contributes to the feeling of tension in the body, and it is less efficient in oxygenating the brain. When we’re sad or depressed, our breathing becomes “heavy” and we can’t seem to expand the chest properly. And when we’re in pain, we hold our breath, afraid that the act of breathing will somehow make the pain worse. In reality, holding the breath deprives the injured/ill body of the oxygen it so desperately needs for healing!

The truth is that proper breathing exercises actually helps alleviate stress and pain. It helps us regulate our emotions and get control over our mind. When we control our mind in this way, enhanced well being is inevitable! less