Millie Swann

Available for:

  • International key note presentations; Topic – Using super fast tools to cope with a crazy busy world, to be happier & more connected   with what’s really important in your life
  • Corporate training
  • Private functions
  • Community events
  • Webinars
  • Private Skype lessons
  • Training workshops 

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I have been practicing and teaching “yoga breath” and Hatha Yoga postures to thousands of people, for many years. People often say to me, “You’re glowing” or “You’re always so happy!” – and it’s true.

Like everyone, I live with challenges. I had practiced meditation, mindfulness and yoga for many years. A few years ago, I took the opportunity to deepen my understanding with a two-year program at the International GITA Hatha School. Qualifying from this prestigious institution was cause for celebration on many levels! I continue teaching and practicing, travelling all over the world, learning about many different styles including Bikram and the ISHA Kyria styles of Yoga.

My philosophy centres around making mindfulness practical and easy. That’s why I developed the concept of 7-minute classes of breathing techniques – so that you can get almost instant relief and you can fit the exercises into a fast-paced life. Most peoples’ challenges have to do with their worries about the future and their anxieties about the past. I have discovered that it is the use of breath that brings me back to the present moment, and the stress that affects many people now just washes over me – and anyone who uses the Body Mind Breathing techniques.

I am also a professional practicing sociologist and have owned my own management consulting business where I have enjoyed working for the past 20 years in change management, specialising in innovative projects that assist large groups of people.

I am a mum to furry and human almost adult children. I play golf (hit and giggle), and have a close extended family. I watch way too much live football and I laugh a lot. I spend as much time as possible swimming at the beach and keeping up with my pot vegetable garden. I am the most naughty chocolate thief in my house.  My family and closest most dearest friends know me as “the hippy in high heels” :)) and yes I AM.

Looking forward to hearing from you much love & blessings Millie