Stress and Anxiety Class

Do you need to be clear headed & calm in a challenging situation?

Do you need to calm yourself during an exam?

Is someone pushing all your buttons & you cant leave where you are ?

Are you about to give a public presentation ?

Got a job interview & you need to nail it, but your so nervous your sweating ?

You can do this clever guided 7 minute breathing technique IN PUBLIC & NO ONE WILL KNOW. It will allow you to be very clear headed & relax your body effortlessly within minutes. It will remove all feelings of – it includes a square visualisation ensuring your mind feels peaceful & your body relaxes.

Free Stress and Anxiety Class here

Stress and Anxiety Relief – Square Breath Class

A low key way to instantly self-soothe in any stressful situation.


● No one will be aware you are using this technique
● Quickly and effectively calm the mind and release stress
● Bring back clear, calm thinking and decision-making